Thursday, May 03, 2007

Athens, Ohio, Lawyer to Represent RIAA Victims

As reported by the Post Online, an Athens, Ohio, online newspaper:

Local lawyer to represent RIAA letter recipients
David Hendricks / Campus Senior Writer /

An Athens lawyer has announced he will defend students in federal court facing legal action from the recording industry.

Attorney Joseph Hazelbaker is offering to defend students faced with recording industry lawsuits filed in Columbus federal court. The Center for Student Legal Services doesn’t work outside of Athens.

“I have a soft spot for these David vs. Goliath battles and an interest in helping people facing a bully — which I view the recording industry project (to catch file-sharers) as being,” Hazelbaker said. “Our offer to (take these cases) is filling a vacuum that exists in Athens.”

Hazelbaker’s fees depend on individual students and their situations, he said, adding that he’d initially consult with students for free and probably won’t bill any clients.

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raybeckerman said...

Dear AMD, I rejected your proposed comment because in fact there have been a number of rulings that the joinder of the Does is improper.

AMD FanBoi said...

Not a problem for me, Ray. All things considered, I go with the best I have at the moment, and would rather not have an incorrect post under my name. I was not aware of other RIAA associated cases that had rejected the joinder of otherwise unrelated Does. I simply try to present the common man/non-lawyer pov. And I do know a little bit about computers.

Thanks for looking out for me!

raybeckerman said...

got to look out for you amd.... don't want to give alter a chance to correct you, like he attacks me on slashdot....