Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Suggestion to Practitioners in RIAA Cases: Use Full, Rather than Shortened Captions

A number of readers have indicated their intention of boycotting, and encouraging others to boycott, the record companies that are plaintiffs in these lawsuits, and have been asking for information about the identities of the record companies.

Accordingly, in filing litigation documents, I will be using the full captions, rather than shortened captions, to make their lives easier, and am requesting that all lawyers representing defendants in these cases do likewise.

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Jadeic said...

A link to RIAA Radar would also help,Ray. And, for those of us over in the UK who want to keep up the pressure on the RIAA's counterpart the BPI, there is BPI Radar.

raybeckerman said...

Don't you read my margins... I have a link to RIAA Radar in my Liberated Music section.

Jadeic said...

I do, and indeed that is where I first found the link. Those of us that scour your blog on a daily basis are not the ones you need to reach. A casual browser is unlikely to spot the link even on a second or third visit hence the suggestion you highlight the links in line with your move to Full Captions. The more visible this message the better.

But I guess my post has done that job.



zi said...

Ray, you have so much stuff piled up on your blog, it's very easy to miss the link to RIAA Radar. It can benefit from a clearer navigation layout. I can help you with that if you need it.

raybeckerman said...

don't give me that professional wed designer stuff.... so i'm an amateur.... guilty as charged....