Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Law School Professor assigns students task of drafting motions to quash RIAA subpoena

Professor Nesson's evidence class at Harvard Law School has, as one of its assignments, the drafting of a motion to quash an RIAA subpoena:

Evidence 2008 (See "University and RIAA" under "GUILT beyond reasonable doubt")

Commentary & discussion:


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Anonymous said...

frame a motion to quash a subpoena from a copyright holder to the university for the identity of a student downloader on grounds of undue burden

I laughed out loud to see this one, although that does seem narrow grounds for quashing, given that there are so many other errors in at least the RIAA's subpoenas and procedures.


Megan said...

I think it's a terrific assignment.

As to XK-E's quibble about the narrow grounds, do recall that this is a classroom assignment, and so is likely tailored to fit the current topic of discussion. As a person who frequently is a Teaching Assistant in Statistics courses, I know we sometimes ignore large parts of the Forest because the topic at hand is Tree. The professor and TA know about the Forest, but the students need to learn about Tree this week.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome assignment! I hope they share the best work with the anonymous student at MIT.

BTW, kudos to being referenced in the syllabus.

(And kudos for the Lawyer of the Year nomination on Above The Law today, too.)