Monday, June 30, 2008

A note about possible problems with *pdf documents hosted by ILRWeb

The folks at Internet Law & Regulation, who for the past several years have been hosting the majority of the litigation documents to which this site links, are conducting some work on their servers. As such, we are experiencing technical difficulties with those *pdf files which are at
Until this problem is resolved, I am (a) uploading the new documents as they come in to my law firm web site where they can be reached at the link provided, (b) migrating selected older "ilrweb" documents to that site, and (c) migrating any documents requested by my readers. A list of links on my law firm web site, alphabetical by file name, is here. For the migrated copies which have "ilrweb" URL's, just replace
and add .pdf to the end of the file name, and you'll have a working link to the document. For example, this should be changed to this. If you would like to see documents which haven't been uploaded to yet, please email me your request and I will get them there. No anonymous requests will he accepted. Thanks. -R.B.

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Alter_Fritz said...

so why the hell would anyone "hacker attack" P&F?
They do nothing bad beside that they host files that are embarrasing for a certain industry...

Wonders why such honest folks gets atacked and by whom.

Hint MPAA was already once caught paying a Hacker to do illegal stuff to infiltrate a Bittorrent trackers non public stuff

NOT that me is openly accusing MPAA to have something to do with the stuff reported by Ray here!
But MPAA has nothing to do with music in the first place, has they.

Who was that again that deals in music and hire criminals to investigate?

Anyway, the few PDFs me had saved sometime:

raybeckerman said...

I have all the pdf's.

If anybody needs a working link, email me your requests and I'll upload the documents to my site.