Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elektra Entertainment v. Torres and Maverick Recording v. Chowdhury, two Brooklyn cases against Queens residents, settled

Two Brooklyn cases against residents of Queens, Elektra Entertainment Group v. Torres and Maverick Recording v. Chowdhury, have been settled.

Elektra v. Torres Stipulation of Dismissal With Prejudice
Maverick v. Chowdhury, Minute Entry noting settlement in court record

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Michael Hoffman said...

Congrats, Ray. While it is too bad that the RIAA will not be paying the defendants' costs as they ought to, it's good to show that they have to dismiss some of the cases they bring to court.

Anonymous said...

To this man, given the paucity of details, neither of these cases look like victories for the defendants. True they didn't lose in court with possible immense and unconstitutional damage awards, yet each has been severely punished both emotionally and financially. A pyrrhic victory at best.

{The Common Man Speaking}

Another Kevin said...

To me, these look like the usual minute entries where the defendant throws in the towel. My suspicion is that that Chowdhury and Torres both paid the Danegeld, and that its value, while perhaps not as immense as statutory damages would allow, was more than enough to compensate the plaintiffs' attorneys for their time.

Daniel said...

In the Chowdhury case court record, it states "All material terms
and conditions placed on the record." Does that mean they not confidential?

raybeckerman said...

Yes, Daniel, that would mean that it's not confidential.

Daniel said...

So can you post them or does someone have to go digging through the court records or what?