Friday, November 14, 2008

Susan Crawford, founder of "One Web Day", named to leadership position on Obama transition team

For those among you looking for tea leaves to read about whether the Obama administration will look kindly on technology and the internet, some mighty interesting tea leaves have been sprinkled, and they look very positive to me. Susan Crawford, the founder of One Web Day, has just been named as co-leader of the FCC transition team. In my estimation, this augurs well for the United States of America continuing to be active in a robust, worldwide internet.

(Thanks to Jon Newton of for bringing this splendid news to my attention. -R.B.)

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Matt Fitzpatrick said...

Here's a taste of what OneWebDay is about (copypasta from their site):

"Access providers want to track what everyone is doing online and use it ... to bill differently for different uses. They’re working closely with law enforcement and Hollywood in ways that will make internet use unpredictable and heavily-surveilled.... This isn’t good for our future." (source)

And a glowing endorsement of EFF appears on the same page.

Not looking too good for Big Telcom or Big Content. Could regulatory capture of the FCC be at last a thing of the past?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray, I know this is offtopic, but the MAFIAA "think tank" is criticizing the Jammie Thomas mistrial.

What's worse is that Wired neglected to point out that the PFF (not to be confused with the EFF) gets its funding from Sony, among others. And Sony was one of the plaintiffs in the Jammie Thomas trial!

Can you say "sleazy"? But I shouldn't be surprised. I seem to remember that the PFF submitted some amicus briefs without mentioning who they get their funding from in another case (Grokster?).

- X