Monday, May 25, 2009

MediaSentry operating in Australia

According to this report in, MediaSentry is operating now in Australia.

[Ed. note. Let's hope the members of the Australian bar are ready for it. Wouldn't want the Australian people to be victimized like so many American families have been. -R.B.]

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Jim said...

Could Mediasentry do work in Australia and testify about it in a US court?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it won't ever get to the same state here in Australia. From my little knowledge of copyright law, I seem to recall that companies in Australia are required to provide proof of actual damages, rather than some hypothetical statutory damages. It's simply not worth the cost of prosecuting.

Still, it's a worrying sign, especially with members of the entertainment industry taking one of our larger ISPs to court over failing to disconnect alleged filesharers.