Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Settlement talks unsuccessful in Capitol Records v. Thomas; trial scheduled for June 15th

According to this report in, settlement talks in Capitol Records v. Thomas, settlement talks have been unsuccessful.

The case is scheduled for trial June 15th.

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of her guilt or innocence in this matter, I am happy that

1) Judge Davis actually requires proof that these songs were downloaded.

2) Ms. Thomas is costing these [expletive deleted] jerks more money than they could ever hope to recover from her.

3) This trial will hopefully bring to light some of the stuff that the RIAA and MediaSentry have tried for so long to keep hidden from scrutiny.

I wouldn't put it past these jerks to try and pull a fast one again, but hopefully Judge Davis is wise to their tricks.

I do feel for the hassle and aggravation that she is going through on this, but I believe that this will serve every defendant that is fighting back.

Alter_Fritz said...

lets hope her counsel acts this time really as her counsel!

demanding real evidence of her wrongdoing! (i.e. not stipulate to the introduction of doctored screenshots as evidence) and cross examine the so called expert Dr. Jacobson should this Daubert failure guy be allowed to testify after all!

Anonymous said...


Is her counsel getting paid? No? So we can't expect too much.