Sunday, December 18, 2011

RIAA files amended complaint in its case against Grooveshark, document not available in PACER

In the RIAA's case against Grooveshark, UMG v. Escape Media, a complaint was filed on November 18th, and then an amended complaint was filed December 15th. Mysteriously, the amended complaint is not available through PACER. The docket entry says simply:

AMENDED COMPLAINT amending [1] Complaint, against Nikola Arabadjiev, John Ashenden, Escape Media Group, Inc., Paul Geller, Joshua Greenberg, Chanel Munezero, Samuel Tarantino, Benjamin Westermann-Clark.Document filed by UMG Recording, Inc., Atlantic Recording Corporation, Zomba Recording L.L.C., Elektra Entertainment Group Inc., Arista Records LLC, LaFace Records, LLC, Warner Bros. Records Inc., Arista Music, Sony Music Entertainment. Related document: [1] Complaint, filed by UMG Recording, Inc. (mro)
A copy of the original complaint is as follows:


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