Sunday, December 25, 2011

Warner Brothers sued for trademark infringement over use of pirated Louis Vitton bag in movie

Hat tip to Judith Dornstein, Esq., for bringing this to my attention. -R.B.

Louis Vitton has sued Warner Brothers for trademark infringement, for using a knockoff Louis Vitton bag in a movie, "Hangover II":

"Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Bros For Using Fake Bag In Hangover II"


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1 comment:

Another Kevin said...

Good heavens. This is a horrible decision. The court could very well find the original poster in contempt for having failed to remove the posting, while simultaneously finding that the poster cannot compel the site to remove it. If the poster is under order to take it down, I hope there's an appeal demanding that the site be compelled to do so, or in the alternative, that the poster be immune from liability from the site's failure.