Friday, August 04, 2006

Discovery Dispute in UMG v. Lindor; RIAA Wants to be Able to Prove 38 Songs even though it Produced only 11 song files

In UMG v. Lindor, in Brooklyn, a discovery dispute has erupted.

In response to a document request calling for all of the "song files",the RIAA produced a total of eleven (11) song files.

Now, however, they are claiming that they are suing over thirty eight (38) songs.

Ms. Lindor has moved to preclude them from claiming more than eleven (11) songs.

July 28, 2006, Letter of RIAA*
July 28, 2006, Letter of Defendant*
August 1, 2006, Letter of RIAA*
August 1, 2006, Letter of Defendant*
August 4, 2006, Letter of RIAA*
August 4, 2006, Letter of Defendant*
Exhibit - Plaintiffs' Requests for Admissions, October 2005*
Exhibit - Defendant's Response to Plaintiffs' Requests for Admissions, March 2006*

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Alter_Fritz said...

Hi Mr. Beckerman,
not sure, but the document "Exhibit - Plaintiffs' Requests for Admissions, October 2005" lists on page 7+8 the Marie Lindor Schedule 1 if i have counted correctly twentynine (29) songs.
Maybe you or the peoplesenemy lawyer refers to other documents (not sure, my english is not that good) but i can nowhere see 38 they complain nor 11 where sony(BMG) matches nor 27 where the (sonyBMG) does not match nor the 9 that you refer in another letter to the judge. *me, confused*

Could it be their "sue 'em all" machinery has some accounting problems? ;)

P.S. Last time Germany (BMG) has an alliance with Japan (Sony) the Americans used a "Fat Man" and a "Little Boy" to show Japan that it was no good idea to have an alliance between those countrys. Maybe this time those american children/single moms/grandmoms must show Germany that it is no good idea to partner with Japan against ordinary american people.
Anyone in need of GPS coordinates for G├╝tersloh/Germany the hometown of Bertelsmann? ;)

raybeckerman said...

Dear "alter fritz":

It's not you that's confused it's the RIAA's lawyer; either that, or he deliberately misspoke to the Judge. Schedule 1 does indeed have 29, not 38, song titles, as noted in my August 4th letter.

Your English is better than theirs.

It would be nice if the Japanese and German people could get their conglomerates to get out of this ugly campaign.

Best regards,