Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lime Wire Hires Charles Baker of Porter & Hedges, Houston, Texas lawyers, as Counsel to Defend RIAA Case

It has been reported that Lime Wire has chosen Charles Baker, of Houston-based law firm Porter & Hedges, LLP, to act as its defense counsel in the RIAA's case against it, Arista v. Lime Wire in Manhattan federal court.

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crabitha said...

In 1968 I bought the song, "Mrs. Robinson" on a 45rpm record. In 1972, I bought an 8 track of the album with "Mrs. Robinson" on it. In 1989, I bought a cassette tape of the album with "Mrs. Robinson" on it. In 1998, I bought the CD of the album with "Mrs. Robinson" on it. In 2004, I downloaded "Mrs. Robinson" to my computer. Now I find out that LimeWire is under attack by those lovely fun righteous folks at the RIAA. Now I am afraid that I'm going to be paying for "Mrs. Robinson" yet again, only this time the price will be a bit more than Simon & Garfunkel intended all those years ago.