Sunday, August 27, 2006

Free Song Download: Weird Al Yankovic Comes Out With Song & Animated Film Parody of RIAA : "Don't Download This Song"

Weird Al Yankovic has come out with a great animated film and song parody of the RIAA's "copyright" litigations. And yes, his song -- "Don't Download This Song" -- is available for a FREE LEGAL DOWNLOAD:

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Alter_Fritz said...

Ray, you are advertising it here, but are you absolutely sure it is Weird Al that holds the copyrights in this song and NOT his RIAA member record company?
Is he as the artist the guy that can give it away for free? From the RIAA action in the last 3 years I had the impression it's THEM who are the important ones and the creating artists are just their slaves that has no rights but to produce so the companys can get even richer!
And accordingly to Mr. Glickman from the MPAA is giving away for free against the laws of Nature!
Everybody can watch his statement in this film legally available from the authors homepage: STEALTHISFILM (warning: longhairy swedes appear!)

and just as a free service a clickable link to Al's song: (For RIAAplaintiff lawyers that are not so smart with computers [those that have a website purely based on jpeg's for example] rightmousebuttonclick -> save target as)

Alter_Fritz said...

zi, I guess that's the hidden joke this time in his song;
he is not parodying an existing song, but parodying an existing behaviour!
That is the Spamigation campaign of these well-known and respected record companies.
Al has simply evolved his repertoire;
Now he parodys behaviour -from a few record companies who did NOT produce the culture but simply copies and distributes it- that is so bad for the society and the intangible cultural heritage that is called music.
Music that is created by artists and not by some Label bosses and their lawyers!