Wednesday, August 16, 2006

RIAA Follows Through on Threat to Seek Gag Order in UMG v. Lindor

The RIAA has followed through on its threat to seek a gag order in UMG v. Lindor, one which would enable it to designate all or part of each deposition transcript as confidential, and would put the burden on Ms. Lindor of proving why the public should have access:
August 14, 2006, Letter of Richard Gabriel to Magistrate Robert M. Levy*
Exhibit A*
Exhibit B*

Ms. Lindor's lawyers replied the same day:
August 14, 2006, Letter of Morlan Ty Rogers to Magistrate Robert M. Levy*
Exhibit A*

See also Ms. Lindor's motion to compel plaintiffs' depositions:
August 10, 2006, Letter of Ray Beckerman to Magistrate Robert M. Levy*

* Document available online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Alter_Fritz said...

Plaintiff's Counsel Mr. Gabriel tells the Judge:

[...]defense counsel has made clear his intend to publish,often inaccurately, everything he can about this case
[bold markings by me]

This raises a few question in my mind:
1) When defence counsel simply publishes links to publicly filed court documents, how can that action be "often inaccurately"? Does Plaintiff's Counsel want to indicate that genuine official UScourt documents are "rubbish and often inaccurat"?

2) If Mr. Gabriel's Claim about inaccuracy is not based on objective facts, does writing a request to a judge with this very likely false statement in it equals his action to something like "lying to a US Judge?"

(Disclaimer: English is not my mother language, Forstanding words might not be very well choosen. In Case plaintiff's counsel feels pissed about my comment; before suing me I would request he asks me for what I wanted to express in my motherlanguage german, thank you)

raybeckerman said...

Thank you, "alter_fritz". I would also like to know what he contends is inaccurate. The only thing "inaccurate" is Mr. Gabriel's court papers.

CodeWarrior said...

For some time now, I have been a voice, apparently crying in the wilderness asking why a Congressional investigation has not been undertaken with regard to questionable practices, actions, and tactics employed by the RIAA and the toadies working for them.

I know this is slightly off topic, but this news item just brought this post to my forefront.

Keep up the good work Ray...God Bless You...


eclectica said...

They want to silence you because you bring great shame to them, for exposing what they do to the public.

Alter_Fritz said...


There is an easy solution to this "shame problem"
All that's needed is: They must stop their sue 'em all campaign of average citizens that have had a handfull (or 2)of files named like RIAA-artists in a shared folder.

It's not Ray's fault that they are such well-known and respected record companies [quotation from a describer payed by RIAA!]

Alter_Fritz said...

Ray, earlier I told you that Mr. Gabriels "strange" arguments raised a few questions.
But now, after seeing his Exhibit A, I'm completely clueless. Please help me out. As a Laywer yourself you might have an idea what goes on in his mind.

I was not aware that you are the owner or the editor in charge of the 2nd website he has (IMO dilettantish) printed out with some normaly visible information missing on the copied "screenshots".
Can you tell us readers (and maybe the judge to which Mr. Gabriels is telling so strange things) here openly please, since when you have moved to canada and became the owner of that totally independend canadian site or when you started your new career as independent journalist for a non-Defendant and non-Plaintiff party but third party in a foreign country?

My impression was that you are a lawyer in NY. Not a guy in canada! *Me now ultraconfused by the actions of this Mr. Gabriel*

raybeckerman said...

You are not confused, alter_fritz.
Mr. Gabriel isn't confused, either; he is just trying to confuse the judge. What I found intriguing was that Mr. Gabriel printed out 58 pages of my blog, and then culled 2 of the 58 pages to show the judge. What was he afraid of in the other 56 pages?