Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another new Contested Case in Mississippi: Atlantic v. Myers

Another new contested case is being fought out in Mississippi, Atlantic v. Myers

Answer of Defendant*

Mr. Myers is being represented by Niles Hooper of Jackson, Mississippi.

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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AMD FanBoi said...

She left out my favorite defenses. That alternative acceptable RIAA settlements include either (for corporations) simply deleting any "infringing" files; and (for record company presidents) having a stern talking to the real infringer, provided one can be identified.

I do like her stating the obvious that it will be impossible for them to prove any actual infringement occurred, which is why they must claim "distribution" as an untested legal theory.

Unless, of course, they've been illegally tapping and monitoring all your Internet communications - which are the types of logs they'd like the get the ISP's to keep, and turn over to them without a warrant now under their new, kinder, gentler, cheaper settlement plan that the people are crying out for.

raybeckerman said...

My favorite defense is one that wins.