Monday, February 19, 2007

New Contested Case in Mississippi, Elektra v. Dennis

A new contested case has been brought in the Southern District of Mississippi, Elektra v. Dennis.

The defendant is represented by Karen Spencer of Jackson, Mississippi.

A copy of the complaint is as follows:


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AMD FanBoi said...

How long before the RIAA's law firm is overloaded by overlapping, contested cases in disparate jurisdictions?

raybeckerman said...

All across the country people are fighting back. And more and more lawyers are jumping into the fray. I do think the RIAA is going to regret what they have started.

As to the RIAA's law firm, no... you can't overload them. They'll just hire more clones.

Anonymous said...

Ray's opinion: "[...]you can't overload them. They'll just hire more clones.

And yet, they DO feel the burdon of resisting Customer forces!

Why else would they try to bypass the checks and balances of real lawsuits by automating the "give us money no matter what"-system with their SS-Center even more! [see their new "special prize" advertisement to ISPs]