Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Judge Gives RIAA Until Thursday March 1st to Respond to Motion to Compel Turnover of RIAA's Lawyers' Billing Records in Capitol v. Foster

In Capitol v. Foster, where the RIAA has sought "discovery" into the reasonableness of Ms. Foster's attorneys fees, even though the RIAA (a) already has all of Ms. Foster's lawyer's billing records, and (b) has for the past year been refusing to provide Ms. Foster's attorney their own attorneys' billing records, the Judge has given the RIAA until Thursday, March 1st, to respond to the motion Ms. Foster's attorney made last week to compel the RIAA to turn over all of its lawyers' billing records on the case:

February 26, 2007, Order, Directing Plaintiffs to Respond to Defendant's Motion to Compel by March 1, 2007*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Unknown said...


What could happen to them, if the riaa still refuses to turn over these billing records by the due date?

raybeckerman said...

The judge hasn't ordered them to turn over the billing records yet, he's just ordered them to explain, by Thursday, why they haven't done so already.

If he orders them to turn over the records they'll turn over the records.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...The 1st has come and gone. I'm wondering if they got around to responding to the Motion to Compel?

I'm assuming there is a lot they want to hide:

*A full accounting of the RIAA's legal fees including past council could include the cost structure of the Settlement center. I suspect that it would show that the "damages" in the "settlements" are based on paying for the Settlement Center rather than any relation to actual damages.

*The billing records would also have to show the costs of the computer professor and MediaSentry--the cost of which the RIAA has been desperate to hide.

*And the records would probably show that the RIAA has spent several times what the defendant did, showing how unjustified their objection to paying the defendants fees is.

Anonymous said...

any word yet on what has happened now that the deadline has passed?