Wednesday, February 21, 2007

RIAA Moves for "Reconsideration" of Order Granting Attorneys Fees and "Clarification" of Schedule in Capitol v. Foster

The RIAA has moved for "reconsideration", in Capitol v. Foster, of the Court's order granting Ms. Foster's attorneys fees motion, and has moved for "clarification" of the Court's order scheduling discovery on the reasonableness of the attorneys fees. Additionally, the RIAA, in its "clarification" motion, asked the Court to change its ruling that Ms. Foster gets to supplement her attorneys fees request after the RIAA completes its "discovery" -- i.e. they are trying to prevent the Court from awarding Ms. Foster her attorneys fees incurred during the "discovery" process. Meanwhile, Ms. Foster has moved for a modification of the scheduling order (the order the RIAA moved to "clarify") to ensure that she gets her outstanding discovery requests answered; to date the RIAA has refused to provide her attorney with the RIAA's attorneys' billing records.

RIAA Motion to "Reconsider" Order Granting Attorneys Fees Motion*
RIAA Motion to "Clarify" Scheduling Order*
Ms. Foster's Motion to Modify Scheduling Order*
Ms. Foster's Objections to RIAA's Motion to "Clarify"*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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raybeckerman said...

Remember folks.... no profanity.

I know it's hard to avoid profanity when thinking about the RIAA and its legal attack dogs, but please do.

CodeWarrior said...

I thought "RIAA" was a four letter expletive Ray!