Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jammie Thomas will not have to go it alone; new lawyers come into case in Capitol Records v. Thomas

In Capitol Records v. Thomas, Jammie Thomas will not have to go it alone, after all.

Her attorney's previous motion to withdraw has been amended to become a motion for substitution.

Houston, Texas, law firm Camara & Sibley, and St. Paul, Minnesota, firm Reinhardt, Wendorf & Blanchfield, will be taking over as Ms. Thomas's attorneys.

The motion for substitution is not opposed by the RIAA.

The trial is scheduled for June 15th.

Motion for Substitution
Camara Declaration
Blanchfield Declaration

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Dante said...

The motion for substitution is not opposed by the RIAA.How gracious of them!

Anonymous said...

The real miracle here is that the RIAA actually cut her some slack by not opposing the motion.

Scott said...

The website for Reinhardt Wendorf & Blanchfield states that "The firm focuses its practice on representing plaintiffs in class action litigation."

That's very cool. I certainly hope they find enough to get a class action going. Ms. Thomas seems to be one tough Ojibwa woman and I'm sure she will hang in there to the (hopefully not) bitter end.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it is a bitter end, then I hope it's the RIAA's bitter end with all of this lawsuit crap.

Hopefully the judge now knows what is going on in his/her courtroom and starts to bring fairness back into this whole mess.