Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Audrey Amurao files reply brief in support of her cross-motion for summary judgment

In Lava Records v. Amurao II, the defendant has filed her reply brief in support of her cross-motion for summary judgment.

Defendant's reply memorandum in support of defendant's cross-motion for summary judgment

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The Common Man Speaking said...

There is no exception to this rule for the recording industry and its unprecedented and flawed methods for determining whom it wishes to sue.

This man loves it!

plaintiffs always claim that anyone who uses filesharing software is potentially sharing music with millions of users

This man questions, and demands that Plaintiffs provide strict proof, that any music file shared by this Defendant was actually available to "millions of users". How were the total number of users counted, and how many of them could have actually seen this file. Otherwise if proof cannot be substantiated, then Shut Up About It Once And For All!

Jadeic said...

The RIAA do not need proof they have God (sorry Obama) on their side.