Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Joel Fights Back" team issues statement that donations received will be used to defray defense costs, not to pay RIAA

A statement by Joel Tenenbaum has been posted by the SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum defense team that they are changing their policy about contributions, and that any contributions received so far will be used to defray defense costs, and will not be paid to the RIAA.

The statement further states that "If money remains beyond that, I am open to a discussion with Charlie, Ray Beckerman, and our supporters (you donated it, after all) as to what to do with the rest of it."

Complete statement

[Ed. note. Kudos to Joel and the "Joel Fights Back" team for reversing course. My recommendation as to what to do with the money is to contribute it to the FSF's expert witness fund, which is helping litigants to retain tech experts and consultants to debunk the RIAA's unreliable "evidence". See, e.g., "UMG Recordings v. Mavis Roy case settled, with help of expert witness report ripping Jacobson & MediaSentry". -R.B.]

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Lior said...

Kudos to you, Ray, for instigating this change of course.