Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My music proposal for #sxsw trending in top 60; interactive proposal needs your support

I've submitted two proposals for presentations at the 2010 South by Southwest festivals. If you'd like to vote for them (and don't work for the RIAA) (:)) here are the links for the "panel picker" voting, which is open to the public, whether you are planning to attend the festival or not.

Interactive festival:

"How NewYorkCountryLawyer became a Twit"

Music festival:

"Recording Industry vs. The People"

My music panel is trending in the top 60.

My interactive panel, in the much more competitive "interactive" part of the festival, isn't doing as well.

As I look at it, the social media story is maybe even more important than the music business story, because it is the blogging and Slashdotting and grassroots organizing over the internet that enabled lawyers and litigants across the country to mobilize and learn from each other.

So if you could see your way clear to supporting the proposals, by spreading the word, and/or by voting and commenting, it would be appreciated.


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