Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comic Strip on RIAA Lawsuits Against People

The well known Sunday comic strip "Foxtrot" by Bill Amend featured as its subject in the March 4, 2007, edition, the RIAA's lawsuits against single moms, widows, grandmothers, dead people, and children.


This comic strip is reproduced here with the gracious permission of its creator, Mr. Bill Amend. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Amend for his permission, and for his concern over this important issue in our society.

For more back issues of FoxTrot, go here.

For the current issue of FoxTrot, go here.

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Alter_Fritz said...

"Q: State your Name and Profession for the Record please.
A: My Name Is Prof. Dr.Dr. vet. Jacob W. Douglason and I'm a certified Lizardexpert.
Q: Do you have any knowledge about Lizards and their downloading behaviours?
BY GABRICH L RICHIEL: Objection to the Form. Lack of Foundation
A: Based on the materials from IguanaSentry, my forensic examination of the saliva traces found on the flies and the edition of National Geographic my wife faxed me, I will testify that the user "lizardlips" made copyrighted files -- sorry I meant copyrighted flies available.
Q: Would you please answer the question; Do you have any knowledge about Lizards and their downloading behaviours?
BY GABRICH L RICHIEL: If this is a Question, I have lack of Objection, And I will create a Foundation for animal abuse. -- Look, a dog-catcher!
BY BECK RAYERMAN: Gabrich, this isn't New York, This is Denver, we have plenty of dog catcher. Lets wait for the next one, OK?


Disclaimer: This excerpt of a Depositiontranscript is copyrighted under the Laws of the United States of America and other countries. It is pure fictional! Any similarities with real events, places or persons is unintentional. Country of first publishing: USA
Licensed under a CC attribution share-alike license. Atribution must go to "Alter_Fritz".

Alter_Fritz said...
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