Saturday, March 24, 2007

Parody of RIAA from BBSpot: "RIAA Updates Mission Statement"

Ed. Note. Couldn't help posting this hilarious article from BBSpot:

Thursday, March 22 12:00 AM ET
RIAA Updates Mission Statement to Reflect Priorities
By Brian Briggs

Los Angeles, CA - The RIAA has updated its mission statement from "Our mission is to foster a business and legal climate that supports and promotes our members' creative and financial vitality" to "Our mission is to maximize hatred for the music industry by using creative legal and innovative technological methods which will further destroy our member's creativity and financial vitality." The organization hopes the change will more accurately reflect their long-term goals.

Chairman and CEO of the RIAA Mitch Bainwol said, "This change allows us to focus on our goals of ridding ourselves of annoying artists and consumers completely. The Internet has made this possible. In the days before the Internet only a few artists and industry insiders hated the RIAA, now hatred for the RIAA is at an all-time high."

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Alter_Fritz said...

Ray, how come you think this article is hilarious?

oviously the BBspot reporters are very knowledgable RIAA insiders that know more then we do!

Take for example this Whistleblower article about the RIAA Home&Family Pack a while back.
Ok, Mr Brainwol had a few tiny details changed here and there in the meantime, but now this pack is available and they call it "Student Settle Online Pack".

So I'm absolutely confident that this update of RIAA's Mission Statement is serious!

Just wait again ~15-18 month and we will see that it is reality too like the student, family and friends pack.


raybeckerman said...

You may be right. Every time I think they've reached the outer limits, they prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Consider this point of view from a Wedding dj:

The RIAA is a racist organization who only sues white people. Hmmm North Dakota Not Gary Indiana, Trenton NJ, Compton, but FARGO NORTH DAKOTA?
But nobody has the guts to fight them on those terms.

Tons of black people selling illegal dvd's or hard drives full of music, on ebay and craigslist, yet they never get sued its only white 13 years olds or white college kids, being sued. Because, White people buy most of the rap and hip hop music, and if we let white people steal music like the blacks the whole rap hip hop market would collapse.

Plus, I DARE YOU, just try and get a breakdown of the lawsuits by race, age, settlement amount and ZIP CODE....the RIAA will not supply that information..WHY? Everybody else has to to show transparency in employment and corporate policy..and if they don't they get sued.....but not the RIAA???

Jesse Jackson sued Toyota, because of "Implied Racism", well what about turning this around and implying the RIAA will not sue black people.

I was a Professional Wedding dj, and was active in my local dj association, and i know very very few black dj's are "legal" I know its very politically incorrect to say this but it is the best defense against the apparent reverse racism in these lawsuits.

Richard Allen
New York City

raybeckerman said...

Not so. They're an equal opportunity bringer of frivolous lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a racist thing happening here. Ye gads man, the riaa doesn't even know if they are actually suing live people, let alone which race they are :)

raybeckerman said...

Yes the RIAA are completely equal opportunity.

They will sue you if you are black, white, tan, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindi, if you are from here or from somewhere else.

Of course they do have preferences. They prefer it if you are poor, old, infirm, a child. And of course they like it best if you are innocent.

There is only one segment of our population that does have reason to complain of discrimination for being left out of these lawsuits: copyright pirates. Have never seen one of them get sued yet.