Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Judge Protects 10-year-old child: Rules that Kylee Andersen's Deposition Must be By Telephone or Videoconference Only

In Atlantic v. Andersen, where the RIAA was insisting on taking the deposition of a 10-year-old child face-to-face, and refused to agree that the deposition would be by telephone or videoconference only, the Court ruled against the RIAA, holding that the deposition of the child must be by telephone or videoconference only.

The March 27th docket entry states:

Record of Order by Judge Ashmanskas - GRANTING defendant's motion for limitations of depositions of Tanya Andersen and Kylee Andersen with the condition, as requested by plaintiffs, that defendant may not take a break from her deposition when a question is pending.

Commentary & discussion:


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Mark Brown said...

Ray.. Are you sure you're not really a comedian just trolling for humor?

really, I might have to start writing a poem over at my poetry blog (http://automatic-poem-machine.blogspot.com
) about this.

This is (to me at least) the beginning of a knee slapping time.

Or, I could just be OD'ing on the RIAA's lack of common sense!

raybeckerman said...

No, you can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

will the defendant's lawyer file this attempt to depose Kylee in person and the other previous bad faith attempts as "malicious prosecution action" to back up the claim that it should back up the claim that the RIAA should be held liable under the RICO act?

cwarner said...

Is this serious?