Tuesday, March 27, 2007

University of Maine Refuses To Forward RIAA Letters to Its Students

Following the lead of the University of Wisconsin, now the University of Maine has similarly refused to forward the RIAA's collection letters. See this report from The Maine Campus:

UMS refuses to hand student info to RIAA
Tony Reaves
Issue date: 3/26/07 Section: News

The University of Maine System has refused a request from the Recording Industry Association of America to produce names of students who allegedly downloaded copyrighted materials.

The system has also opted not to forward the RIAA's pre-litigation letters offering settlements to those students, although the schools those students attend will inform their students of the letters and give them a chance to pick up the letters if they so choose.

At the University of Maine, students with pending RIAA lawsuits were told on Friday.

"It's not the university's role to, in effect, serve papers on our students for another party," John Diamond, spokesman for the university system, said of the decision.


Diamond said the RIAA's request for student information asks the system to violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which bars the UMS from divulging information not considered public.

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