Friday, March 30, 2007

Law.Com Legal Blog Watch Reports: "RIAA Faces Some Pushback"

Legal publisher Law.Com reports in its Legal Blog Watch:

RIAA Faces Some Pushback

For a while, it seemed that the RIAA's strategy of suing large numbers of people who'd allegedly downloaded music illegally was working. Rather than spend money to fight the suits, many found it more financially favorable to settle. But this week, RIAA has received some resistance in two matters. In one, it eventually decided to back down.

First, Al Nye the Lawyer Guy reports here that the University of Maine has told the RIAA to "take a hike" in response to the group's demand that the school turn over names of students who allegedly downloaded copyrighted materials. And this post at Legal Pad tips us off to a powerful letter that a Visalia, Calif., solo "slung against the record-industry goliath," causing it to back down.

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AMD FanBoi said...

If the RIAA does decide to take the University of Maine to court, I hope someone reminds UM's lawyer of the ruling against joinder of non-relate Doe defendants. I am surprised to have not yet seen any reports of that joinder being attacked at the Doe/ex parte step yet, since it was ruled against 2 years ago.

That, along with claiming that the original Doe court doesn't have the jurisdiction to order the releasing of personal information to the plaintiffs for any defendant discovered to not live within their boundaries.

There is just so much wrong with what the RIAA has been getting away with up to now.

raybeckerman said...

amd, didn't you read motown v does, atlantic v does, and warner v does..... in all 3 ty and i moved to dismiss as john does 1-? on the ground of improper joinder....