Monday, September 17, 2007

Marketplace on NPR to air Series on RIAA Litigations, Today through Wednesday

The radio program "Marketplace", on National Public Radio, will be airing a series on the RIAA's litigation campaign. The programs will be running from today (Monday, September 17th) through Wednesday, September 19th.

In New York City, the show will be airing at 6:30 PM on Monday, September 17th, on 93.9 FM and 820 AM.

(Update: all 3 programs now now available on the web.)

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MjBarne said...

Hi Ray,

I just listened to the Markeplace piece (KUOW in Seattle). It showed how the RIAA continues their draconian tactics even when it's obvious that they made a mistake

Finally some mainstream media coverage. I hope this will help.


raybeckerman said...

Yeah, it's an excellent show. We've had some mainstream media coverage in the past. See, e.g., Patti Santangelo on TV.

Alter_Fritz said...

MITCH BAINWOL: I would remind you that folks, when they have a legal dispute, often can be creative with the way they portray the facts.

He was not even lying!
But would had anyone guessed that he knows Riaa Richard and the likes so well?