Friday, September 07, 2007

RIAA Needs More Time to Defend its Oklahoma State University Ex Parte Order in Arista v. Does 1-11

In response to the motion by Oklahoma State University students to vacate the ex parte discovery order obtained by the RIAA in Arista v. Does 1-11, the RIAA says it needs more time to prepare its papers defending the order, and requests a 2-week extension of time.

RIAA Motion for 2-week extension of time*
Defendants' opposition to RIAA Motion for 2-week extension of time*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

Commentary & discussion:

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Alter_Fritz said...

Ray help a poor soul with insufficient english knowledge;
What is the difference between "national lead counsel" and "national coordinating counsel"?

Was "RIAA-Richard" demoted?
Is he busy singing national anthems, or why does suddenly another guy at HRO comes into the picture that happen to care about his ill child?

raybeckerman said...

Dear alter.....

Don't give me that 'poor soul' stuff. You're reading comprehension powers in the English language surpass almost anybody's, including mine.

Interesting observation of the nuance "coordinating" versus "leading". I have no idea if there's been a change in the role, or it's just another word for them to use to make them seem less high and mighty since here they're asking for compassion. (Yeah. Right. I should have as much compassion for them as they do for others.).

I don't know if RIAA Richard has been demoted, but I do know his firm seems to be overloaded and is missing a lot of deadlines. Hope you folks out there who get RIAA letters will FIGHT BACK and make RIAA Richard work hard.

AMD FanBoi said...

The RIAA lawyers should be opposed on the simple grounds that they should never have filed more cases than they can currently service. Everyone else shouldn't be required to bear the burden for their poor workload management abilities.

As far as sick people being involved in the RIAA suits, being sick doesn't seem to prevent them from filing suit against YOU, the Defendant!

Anonymous said...

Wow - read the brief losers. The attorney wasn't sick, his baby daughter was very ill and in the hospital. You guys sure come across as a steller and educated bunch . . . .