Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RIAA Abandons "Making Available" in New Complaints Being Filed

It appears that our prediction that RIAA's "programatic" lawyers would abandon their novel "making available" theory has come true, as we have learned that new complaints which are being filed (a) replace the old boilerplate with new boilerplate culled from the RIAA's boilerplate interrogatory answers, and (b) have jettisoned "making available" altogether.

Meanwhile, the new complaint, which falsely alleges that the RIAA's investigator "detected an individual" downloading and uploading, should be met with dismissal motions as well.

See "Practice Tip: I recommend that defendants' lawyers consider making motions to dismiss complaint or motions for judgment on pleadings" and "Practice Tip: Dr. Doug Jacobson's Testimony Refutes the RIAA Averment that its Investigator "Detected an Individual"

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AMD FanBoi said...

How long before the RIAA's suits read:

We have no suspects. We have no evidence. We have no case. But we want money and publicity anyway!