Friday, September 21, 2007

Practice Tip: Dr. Doug Jacobson's Testimony Refutes the RIAA Averment that its Investigator "Detected an Individual"

For those of you who may have occasion to put the lie to the RIAA's false averment that its investigator "detected an individual", here* is a link to some excerpts from the February 23, 2007, testimony of the RIAA's expert witness, Dr. Doug Jacobson, in UMG v. Lindor, including the admission that the RIAA's "investigation" does NOT detect individuals.

Incredibly, the RIAA continues to make this misstatement. See, e.g., Amended Complaint in Interscope v. Rodriguez and transcript of June 29, 2007, conference in Warner v. Cassin.

The full deposition transcript of Dr. Jacobson's testimony is here. Links to the exhibits are here.

Some of the useful references are:

p 59 li 9 - p 60 li 12

p 85 ll 8-23

p 85 li 24 - p. 87 li 11

p 104 ll 6-11

p 145 ll 15-17


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Anonymous said...

I just took my evidence exam earlier this week. (Temple 2L) I know I appreciated reading that transcript much more than I would have a year ago. I hope that the RIAA's expert witnesses keep being cross examined like this.