Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Irish ISP sued by Irish version of RIAA

Thanks to Michael Geist and BNA Internet Law News for bringing this to my attention. -R.B.

Report from RTE Business:

Eircom rejects record firms' claims

Monday, 21 April 2008 18:36

Eircom has rejected claims by four major record companies that it, as the largest broadband internet service provider in the State, must bear some liability for the illegal free downloading of music by computer users.

The companies have claimed Eircom's networks are being used 'on a grand scale' for illegal downloading.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly said today he expected to fix a July date for the hearing of the unique action brought by the record companies against Eircom. The action is the first here aimed at internet service providers, rather than individual illegal downloaders, and reflects growing concern within the music industry about the scale and cost of illegal downloading.
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[Ed. note. According to the article, the record companies claim the ISP should be buying the software being peddled by the RIAA's expert witness, which supposedly would filter out copyright infringement, a view which is not universally accepted.]

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