Friday, April 11, 2008

New developments in Elektra v. Barker: time to answer extended, conference set, and interlocutory appeal requested

In Elektra v. Barker, the following developments took place today:

1. The parties' stipulation to extend the defendant's time to answer to a date 20 days after receipt of either (a) an amended complaint, or (b) notification that plaintiffs will not be amending their complaint, was so ordered by the new judge presiding over the case, District Judge Richard J. Sullivan.

2. Judge Sullivan set the matter down for a status conference on April 18th, at 12:15 PM. (Proceedings are at 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan, Courtroom 21C, and are open to the public.)

3. Ms. Barker requested a pre-motion conference, in connection with her contemplated motion for an order amending the March 31st decision of Judge Karas to certify it for an interlocutory appeal.

Sipulation and order extending time to answer*
April 11, 2008, Letter of Ray Beckerman to Hon. Richard J. Sullivan (re 1292(b) motion for interlocutory appeal)*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Scott said...

I may show up for this. It's not too far from my office.