Sunday, April 06, 2008

On the lighter side, I sit still for an interview from Blogger News Network

On the lighter side, just thought some of my regular readers might enjoy this interview with me, which just appeared on the Blogger News Network.

Commentary & discussion:


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Scott said...

Quoth Ray:

"I think [the record labels'] sales are declining because the companies are being run by morons who have been hypnotized by some unscrupulous lawyers, who have never had any imagination as to how to sell music on the internet, and who are bringing lawsuits — and trying to blame others — strictly to cover up their failure to capitalize on one of the greatest money making opportunities ever."

Damn. In a nutshell!

I don't have PACER access, but I would be very interested to see if any of the EMI labels are named as plaintiffs in upcoming RIAA lawsuits. They've already made noises about leaving the RIAA, and they just hired a new exec from Google who may actually have a clue. If that specific company stops suing, it could be one indication that the campaign is winding down.

Another would be if the RIAA fires Cary Sherman. If he advised the labels to engage in this campaign, then he richly deserves unemployment. If he didn't, then he would be the most obvious scapegoat.