Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RIAA files new amended complaint in Atlantic v. Brennan, but with page 3 missing

In Atlantic v. Brennan, the RIAA yesterday filed an amended complaint -- but with page 3 missing.

Amended complaint (with no page 3)*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Jadeic said...

How about a competition with the winner the one who can post a reconstructed version of Page 3 closest to the original - assuming it is ever sees the light of day?


Alter_Fritz said...

Just some clerical error, cut them something!

Alter_Fritz said...

and/or maybe Mr. Moran was tired of the fact that the commenters in this blog regularily point out the lies, missstatements, technical nonsenses the RIAA in general and Mr. Moran in specific is filing with the courts.

So he might have thought "better not alledge anything that gets to hard slapped down by the knowledgeable persons and leave that part simply out, while they already can find nonsense I have to write acording to Rich in Boulder"


Anonymous said...

I'm sure page 3 is missing because of a sloppy paralegal and/or process server mistake.