Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free MP3's of new song "In Ohio" about the fraudulent elections

Gary Polvinale, who was one of the heroes in getting the word out, and documenting, what happened in Ohio in 2004, has written a new song, "In Ohio", performed by "Madog Pavanelli & the Virtual Country Boys", available for free on his website. This word from Gary:

3 T I M E S I N O H I O

Ohio's Presidential Election was a fraud in 2000 and 2004. Care to go for three? They can. They control the elections. That'll be three times Ohio handed over the country. What about the current insane financial devastation? With that, George Bush can cross the last task off his "to screwup" list. Congress and the major candidates don't even want to get it. Wall street most surely gets it - and keeps on getting it. Meanwhile people are losing their homes, jobs and savings. We need to hold them all accountable and stop all this. In Ohio, the poster child for stolen elections... does Main Street really care??

Madog Pavanelli & the Virtual Country Boys light out after Main Street in our new song .... "In Ohio".

"In Ohio" is freely available for use by others in films, documentaries, live performances, radio and CD's. Interested parties email Gary Polvinale: garypcd@madogmusic.com

Go here to listen and for your free download: www.madogmusic.com

This music tells an important story. Copy and distribute freely.

-Gary Polvinale

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Anonymous said...

Now I know my favorite blog has been defaced. Until I see some discussion of the outright fraud perpetrated by Acorn and Obama's direct links (and money) to them, I know I'm not seeing anything close to evenhanded treatment. The scales of Justice on this one are completely askew here.


Anonymous said...


I've always admired your diligent work on this site and for the good people of this United States.

However, I am very saddened to see you promoting products like this one and the earlier post. Conspiracy theories are below you and really have no place on this most excellent blog about real issues surrounding the RIAA and copyright law, in my personal opinion.

Thanks for all your efforts to protect us from the RIAA.

raybeckerman said...

Admittedly, the stolen elections are off topic. However I included these 2 posts because of the free downloads, and free dvd's.

It's not a 'conspiracy theory', at least not in my case. I spent 4 days in Ohio during the election in 2004, working the Voter Protection hotline. I can personally attest to what happened. It was a massive fraud, disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters -- mostly black voters.

However, I don't want to get into a debate with you about it here, because it is off topic. If you have evidence to rebut what I'm saying, feel free to engage in a debate with me on my separate blog about the Ohio 2004 election, Ohio Election Fraud. But come to it with evidence, not hot air.

Ben said...

I agree with the others about the off topic nature of this post. If it were a free song about peaches would it have gotten a post? Somehow, I don't think so.

raybeckerman said...

ben, I thought I just admitted that it was off topic for this blog.

Ben said...

Sorry, I read it as, the stolen elections are off topic but the post is on-topic because it is here because of the free dvd/song.