Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slashdot poll on who should be US copyright czar

On the lighter side.... there is a poll running on Slashdot as to who should be appointed U.S. 'Copyright Czar':

Who Should Be the First US Copyright Czar?

Incredibly, I'm running neck and neck with Prof. Lawrence Lessig. However, we are both being beaten hands down by "CowboyNeal", a well liked Slashdot editor.

Cary Sherman is trailing badly.

(On Slashdot I'm known as "NewYorkCountryLawyer".)


Commentary & discussion:

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StephenH said...

I would vote for Lawrence Lessig, Fred Von Lohmann, or Richard Stallman

Matt Fitzpatrick said...

Love the write-in vote for Jammie Thomas. No write-in votes for Mitch Bainwol, though. Awwww.

If Congress were focused on issues that actually matter to our country, they would have created a Food and Drug Safety Czar. Shouldn't someone coordinate the USDA, FDA, CPSC, and other agencies to keep us free from toxic toothpaste and tainted tomatoes?

Instead, what do we get? Copyright Czar: Creates a reserved parking space at the White House for a copyright industry lobbyist. Textbook corporate welfare. The industries bought and paid for this legislation (Enforcement of blah blah whatever Act of 2008), so of course we all know whose votes really count.