Monday, October 27, 2008

Judgment entered in Maverick v. Harper in accordance with "innocent infringement" measure of damages

In Maverick v. Harper, in which the Judge ordered the RIAA to either accept a $200-per-recording judgment based on the "innocent infringement" defense or go to trial, and in which the RIAA accepted the "innocent infringement" defense, the Court has now entered judgment based upon its previous findings. Since the Court find 37 recordings to have been infringed, judgment was entered for $7400.

A copy of the judgment was made available online by Wired.


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Anonymous said...

This man find it outrageous that the judge here was never shown any proof of actual distribution, nor did Media Sentry download all thirty-seven songs on which judgment was rendered. Also the initial investigation was illegal and the testimony from the RIAA expert hearsay. The Defendant was denied her day in court by this judge and never heard by a jury of her peers as we all once thought we were entitled to have as our basic Constitutional right. This man understands that an appeal will be made and prays for its success in front of saner, better informed, judges.

{The Common Man Speaking}

Ben said...

This is as good as a settlement for the RIAA. Take a few thousand dollars and run. The idea of appealing can't seem to enticing since it'll just cost a bunch of money to save a little.
Guilty or innocent, if they say your name you've lost from the start. Hopefully, we'll get a lot more attorney's fees awards soon to get some momentum behind fighting this.