Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MP3Tunes Counterclaims against EMI in Capitol Records v. MP3 Tunes

In the copyright case commenced by EMI and its affiliates against MP3Tunes, Capitol Records v. MP3Tunes, (see previous article discussing partial granting of dismissal motion), MP3Tunes has filed counterclaims against the EMI plaintiffs, accusing them of sending false DMCA notices and of deceptive trade practices.

Answer and Counterclaims

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Anonymous said...

Based on the examples that do not even constitute the whole of the mistakes the Plaintiffs have made as set forth in the counterclaim, Plaintiff EMI appears to be incredibly sloppy about their filing of DMCA notices and seems to believe that only their own interpretation of the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions should apply.

This man wonders how Plaintiff EMIs lawyers ever graduated law school and got such an unrealistic vision of the world it would be whatever they wanted it to be that day. They are probably all Democrats.

{The Common Man Speaking}