Friday, December 05, 2008

Briefing of defendant's Rule 11 motion against RIAA lawyers completed in UMG Recordings v. Lindor

The briefing of the Rule 11 motion made by the defendant in UMG Recordings v. Lindor is now complete, Ms. Lindor having filed her attorney's reply declaration.

Reply Declaration of Ray Beckerman

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE !!!".

I hope the judge sees through their lies and *really* gives it to those scumbag, lying, poor excuse for a human being RIAA attorneys.

Best of luck with this Ray.

Anonymous said...

Take them to school! As the father of one of the thousand of kids being sued; there would be only one greater Christmas present than to see them get their butts handed to them by the Judge, and right now that would be the Courts to wake-up and stop this crap. Unfortunately, the Courts appear to be still sleeping. They believe everything that is given them from the Plaintiffs counsel, and appear to assume that if the Plaintiffs said it, than it is gospel. The Courts need to wake up and take note. Lie after Lie, case after case, the RIAA counsel will twist both fact and woven lie to fit their needs. RK

Anonymous said...

This man believes that by now Ray's fees could quite reasonably be in the neighborhood of $500,000.00.

Would that the judge realize that whomever else might be involved in the infringing acts, this defendant clearly never was, and rule in such a manner as to make the defendant the prevailing party for the purposes of collecting reimbursement under the Copyright Act, no doubt the plaintiff's (so-called) "expert" fee witness will present a case that Ray is due $1.89 at most.

{The Common Man Speaking} said...

Take these low down ******** to the cleaners... and get yourself a new boat :) as a Christmas present, you deserve it for the amount of hurt you have caused them this year.