Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Legal Clinic at Franklin Pierce Law Center in New Hampshire representing RIAA defendant in UMG Recordings v. Roy

We have recently learned that student attorneys* at the Consumer and Commercial Law Clinic of the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire, have joined the fight against the RIAA, and have been defending a person targeted by the RIAA in New Hampshire, in UMG Recordings v. Roy.

The case is scheduled for trial in the Fall of 2009.

*Student attorneys are law students working under the supervision of law school faculty members.

[Ed. note. That makes at least four (4) law school clinical programs, of which we are aware, providing legal assistance to people targeted by the RIAA: the University of San Francisco School of Law, the University of Maine Law School, Franklin Pierce Law Center, and most recently Harvard University Law School. Hopefully many more will follow. -R.B.]

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raybeckerman said...

Someone posted a very short comment which said "fplc" and something else. I deleted it, thinking it was comment spam, which I now realize it wasn't. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know where else I could have posted this, but it kind of made me smile to see how desperate these RIAA punks are getting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray - interested in your perspective on today's change of RIAA strategy of far fewer suits, instead attacking a user's internet connection (with ISP complicity) without any substantiation

(and I'd rather read and discuss it here than on slyck or other annoying forums)

raybeckerman said...

Dear Anonymous, please see my post today on that subject, and put any comments or questions you have there...