Friday, December 12, 2008

Interesting interview with Terry McBride of Nettwerk Music about the new music business

Here's an interesting article by Mark Glaser of PBS's "Media Shift" about the new music business, in which he interviews Terry McBride of Nettwerk Music:

Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride Puts Fans in Charge of Bands

by Mark Glaser, December 11, 2008

The people formerly known as the audience (TPFKATA) are doing more than just fact-checking newspaper stories, time-shifting TV shows and capturing breaking news on their cameraphones. They are also helping run their favorite bands, designing and voting on concert T-shirts, mixing studio albums and even voting on which cities should be included in a band's tour.

At the vanguard of this movement of crowdsourcing music and putting the fans in control is Nettwerk Music, a record label and band management service in Vancouver, BC, that has become synonymous with digital music and alternative revenue streams. The label completely revamped itself in 2002, putting digital music and Internet promotion at the forefront and downplaying physical CD sales. Fans have been able to remix albums by Barenaked Ladies and rapper K-OS -- even before his new album comes out -- and Avril Lavigne has racked up millions of plays and possibly millions in revenues on YouTube.

The driving force behind the digital makeover of Nettwerk is CEO Terry McBride, a man who has helped pay legal fees for people sued by the RIAA for sharing music online. After McBride took such a strong stance for digital music -- and away from CD sales -- he started speaking more at conferences and talking to the media to spread his vision for a "digital valet" service. He thinks we will all end up paying $5 to $10 per month for access to all music, TV and movies, with a digital valet that knows our tastes and finds media for us.
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