Friday, December 05, 2008

"RIAA Faces Web 2.0" -- Online Daily Examiner article comments on role of "social media" in fighting RIAA litigation

An interesting article in The Online Daily Examiner discusses the role "social media" can play in the RIAA litigations, commenting on the Facebook page set up by Prof. Nesson's Cyberlaw class:

RIAA Faces Web 2.0
by Wendy Davis

Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson, who leads the defense team representing alleged file-sharer Joel Tenenbaum, isn't just taking on the record industry in court. He's also tapping into Web 2.0 with the new Facebook group "Joel Fights Back Against RIAA." ....

....Nesson's not the first person to attempt to harness social media on behalf of defendants.....

That effort can only benefit individual RIAA targets, who can now easily learn how judges around the country view the issues......
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