Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interesting article in Online Media Daily about Cox Cable violating principle of net neutrality

Interesting article by Wendy Davis of Online Media Daily about Cox Communications's interference with the principle of net neutrality:

Cox's Plan To Interfere With Net Traffic Draws Criticism
by Wendy Davis

Cox Communications' new traffic-shaping plan is drawing harsh criticism from some net neutrality advocates.

"It is certainly a horrible idea and it's not the way the Internet ought to work," said Robb Topolski, chief technology consultant for broadband advocacy groups Free Press and Public Knowledge. "When I first heard about it, I thought it was an early April Fool's joke."

Cox, the third-largest cable company, said Tuesday that it intends to test a plan to manage congestion by occasionally prioritizing "time sensitive" traffic while slowing down other, less urgent material. The time-sensitive traffic includes Web streaming, email, instant messaging, games and remote connectivity. The material categorized as susceptible to delay includes bulk transfers of data for storage or file access, peer-to-peer protocols, software updates and Usenet newsgroups.
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