Sunday, January 18, 2009

My article on "IPTV Evangelist" about the SONY BMG Music v. Tenenbaum internet televising issue

Here's an article I wrote about the internet television issue in SONY BMG Music v. Tenenbaum for the website on internet TV, IPTV Evangelist:

"RIAA Fights Tooth and Nail to Prevent iTV Telecast of Legal Proceeding"

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derivative said...

Great article, Ray.

Concise and direct. Enough information to pique interest in the subject, but not so much that the reader will think he now knows all about it.

This is what the internet is all about. In the past, reading such an article in a magazine might have left me feeling frustrated, but reading one like this on the web, with lots of links, lets me dig into any subject at the depth that is appropriate for me.

Anonymous said...

The hearing is to take place on
the 22nd, regardless of whether
this issue is settled or not.

Does that mean, if the RIAA keeps
this litigated ( stalls ) that
streaming it won't happen, because
the measure is still being fought ?


raybeckerman said...

Dreddsnik, what basis do you have for saying that it will go forward regardless? Haven't you ever heard of (a) stays and (b) adjournments?

Alter_Fritz said...

He quoted PJ I guess, you must ask her and kick/ban him for not indicating the quote correctly.

No wait, that was some different form of non verbal computer communication tool. ;-)