Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Televised Hearing Adjourned to February 24th, Judge says RIAA objections relate not to "Whether" but "How" Hearing Should be Televised

In SONY BMG Music v. Tenenbaum, District Judge Nancy Gertner issued an order in which she:

-adjourned the oral argument which had been scheduled for January 22nd, which she had ruled could be televised over the internet, to February 24th, in order to give the appeals court time to fully consider plaintiffs' petition for mandamus or prohibition

-noted that Plaintiffs' petition for mandamus or prohibition raised arguments they had not made in the District Court, and

-noted that the thrust of Plaintiffs' petition related not to "whether" the proceedings should be televised, but "how"

January 20, 2009, Order Adjourning Argument to February 24th

Commentary & discussion:

Associated Press (via Forbes)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, well then, now the defendants will have time to compel testimony from the mysterious, and literally contemptible, Mr. Oppenheim, and to check his testimony before the hearing. Assuming the RIAA doesn't just continue to stonewall, which is, I suppose, one of their notable tactics

I must say it was pretty brazen for the RIAA to simply ignore the properly served subpoena. I'd love to see council face contempt charges. It isn't as though the have the slightest justification for ignoring the deposition.