Friday, January 09, 2009

RIAA moves to dismiss class action counterclaims in Atlantic Recording v. Raleigh in St. Louis

In the St. Louis case, Atlantic Recording v. Raleigh, where a class action has been commenced by counterclaims, the RIAA has moved to dismiss the counterclaims.

Every ruling in the Raleigh case, to date, has been in favor of the RIAA.

Plaintiffs' memorandum of law in support of motion to dismiss counterclaims

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Anonymous said...

"Plaintiffs face a formidable task in trying to police the
Internet in an effort to reduce or put a stop to the online piracy of their copyrights . . .. The right to come to court to protect one’s property rights has been recognized in this country since its birth." ...

bla bla bla... We are the copyright cops, and we can do what the hell we like, and the courts were wrong in Florida and anywhere else we do not get the decision we like. Because we are protecting our interest, we are free to break into your computer and do as we please. What a heap of BS...