Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good story in p2pnet about RIAA taking revenge on teenager Brittany Kruger

Good story in p2pnet today about the RIAA's taking revenge against Brittany Kruger, a Michigan teenager:

RIAA punishes Brittany for resisting

p2pnet news view | RIAA News:- They’re nasty. They’re vicious. They’re hookers working for the RIAA.

And they’ll (try to) justify the evil they do to people such as Michigan student Brittany Kruger by saying they’re lawyers so it’s OK: that it’s their duty to do whatever they can to help their clients, the unprincipled representatives of a corporate street gang called the Big 4.

Why do I mention Brittany in particular out of the 40,000 innocent people, including very young children, across America who are being harried and harassed by RIAA hit lawyers, such as those working for Holme Roberts & Owen or, on this occasion, by Matthew E. Krichbaum (right)?

Because she and her father, Randy, have been standing against false accusations levelled at her - that she’s an illegal distributor of copyrighted ‘product’ owned by Sony Music, UMG (Vivendi Universal), Elektra, Atlantic, and Warner Bros Records.

Brittany wouldn’t do what she was ordered to do by smiling HRO partner Donald Kelso (below), so now the gang is tuning her up, with Krichbaum on the front end.
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Alter_Fritz said...

Oooh, that "guy" Krichbaum...

...don't get me talking about Krichbaum!

shabtronic said...

great article that shows the horrible reality of the RIAA thugs. It's easy to read about alot of the RIAA shenanigans and miss the point - these kind of articles really show you that it is damaging peoples lives.

I think "Domestic Terrorist" is a spot on label for them - keep on using it!