Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leave to file supplemental authority granted in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum

In SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, the Court has granted the motion of the amicus curiae Free Software Foundation for leave to file supplemental authority.

Text of order:

Judge Nancy Gertner: Electronic ORDER entered granting [802] Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Papers by Free Software Foundation; Counsel using the Electronic Case Filing System should now file the document for which leave to file has been granted in accordance with the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures. Counsel must include - Leave to file granted on (date of order)- in the caption of the document.

Supplemental authority:

"Statutory Damages in Copyright Law: A Remedy in Need of Reform, by Pamela Samuelson and Tara Wheatland"

Notice of Filing of Supplemental Paper

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1 comment:

IDBIIP said...

Glad to see that the court didn't buy the RIAA's argument. How could that paper have been written for one specific case when the RIAA is bringing thousands of identical cases, anyhow? Haven't they been bitten by copy/paste errors before, or am I getting them confused with that recent patent plaintiff who beat the rap for rule 11 sanctions a while ago?