Monday, April 20, 2009

RIAA changes local counsel in New York; Robinson Cole departs in Elektra Entertainment Group v. Santangelo II

It appears that Robinson & Cole is getting out of the business of acting as RIAA local counsel. We recently noticed that it appeared to be exiting in the Massachusetts cases, and we've just learned that in the RIAA's case against two of Patti Santangelo's children, Elektra Entertainment Group v. Santangelo II, a notice of substitution has been filed.

The new firm acting as 'local counsel' for the RIAA is Kaplan Landau. And it appears that the attorney handling the representation is Patrick Train-Guitierrez, a former associate at Holme Roberts & Owen.

Notice of Substitution of Counsel

A similar substitution was filed in UMG v. Lindor:

Declaration in Support of Substitution of Counsel

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Anonymous said...

Ray - the link to Lindor is the same as the Santangelo link.

Anonymous said...

Of course the have to get out of these cases quickly. They're all preparing to be appointed to high posts in the Obama administration any day now.

{The Common Man Speaking

Alter_Fritz said...

Huh, a dismissal is pending in Lindor?
Seems I might have missed something/or have forgotten already since there were no new report on that case for quite some time.

Wasn't the last thing that they accused the defendants lawyer of, of being a "bad guy" because he was doing his job in defending his client instead of having the plaintiffs extortionist unsupported demands fulfilled?

And a second question if I may; procedurally, does this substitution stuff shield former counsel for Plaintiffs from being made responsible the day true justice comes onto those Plaintiffs? Or does only those guys shielded that got a job as judge or in the DOJ?

I mean, those Plaintiffs lawyers made so many clearly false and misleading representations/misstatements -some even under clearly stated penalty of perjury- this MUST come back someday to them, must it not? Just like it was with this Nifong guy!

raybeckerman said...


They made a motion to voluntarily dismiss without prejudice and for discovery sanctions.

I.e., they are crawling away with their tails between their legs, but lashed out at Mrs. Lindor and myself in order to deflect attention from their own frivolous conduct in commencing and prosecuting a baseless lawsuit